What We Do

Champions United Football Club is mentoring Uganda's next generation of leaders. We use soccer as a tool to connect with youth. Our greatest impact occurs as a coach and player build a long-term, mentoring relationship.

As a mentor, our coaches become big brothers and father figures to their players. This relationship will guide these young men for the balance of their lives.


Our coaches aim to move players through three levels of engagement – Connect, Grow, and Serve.


If you were to visit us, what you would see is the beauty of four, well organized campuses with professional grade soccer fields. But what you would feel is the warmth of a thriving community led by competent, caring coaches. At Champions United, we leverage what the children in our program want – an amazing soccer experience – to give them what they ultimately need – a long-term, life-changing mentoring relationship with one of our coaches.

Week over week, our players build bonds with our coaches through soccer training, community service and one-on-one mentoring relationships. Walking side by side with their coach, a child learns what it means to be a successful leader in their community.


While relational connectedness is our first step, personal growth is our goal – both for our children and for our coaches. To promote the growth of our kids, we aim for 35 transformative, relational encounters between a youth and his coach over the calendar year. Through individual mentoring, our coaches use lessons from sports play, biblical stories and typical life events to help a child navigate the individual struggles that he faces. The upshot of this investment is a restored child with a renewed outlook on his future.
But our commitment to growth does not end with a child’s development. We are equally invested in the development of our coaches, since they, after all, will be the ones shaping the lives of our youth. For that reason, each coach receives hundreds of hours of training and connection with hand-selected leaders every year. Through hundreds of video conference calls, DVD teaching, small group discussions, and face-to-face training, we are investing in today’s leaders for the benefit of tomorrow’s.


Our efforts to connect and our aim for personal growth are compelled by our desire to serve. Service topples the corruption, self-interest, and power grabs that compromise communities and sustains the thriving communities of which we all want to be a part. Uganda’s greatest potential will be realized as servant leaders sacrifice me and mine for the benefit of us and ours. Therefore, we expect our coaches to model this service in the community through different projects. We also expect children to contribute their time and talents to these projects. Our hope is to help youth learn to define success not in terms of what they can get but what they can give.